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Meditation Centers of
Stuart Perrin

Eugene, Oregon: Kristina Carlson
Phone: (541) 683-3186
Hello. I am a student of Stuart Perrin and have been practicing the meditation that he teaches for nearly 20 years. It is my pleasure to share it with others who are interested in learning it, too. I live in Eugene, Oregon, am 59 years of age, mother of 2, grandmother of 6,deeply in love with life and very very grateful to my teacher without whom it would be impossible.

Class schedule: Sunday through Friday evenings at 7:00 pm

Chicago: Paul B. Levy
728 Arlington Road
Riverside IL, 60546
You can contact Paul via e-mail.
I am a teacher in the tradition of Rudi and Stuart. My teachers are Jagna and Stuart. I have studied with them since 1992. I am a chiropractor since 1986 and am located in Chicago.

San Francisco: Mike Wombacher
4398 17th St.
San Francisco, CA 94114,
Phone: (415) 522-1871, (415) 437-0848
You can contact Mike via e-mail.
I met Stuart in 1989 at thirty years of age, after having searched for a spiritual teacher for nearly ten years. At the time I was working in a corporate environment and feeling very frustrated, both spiritually and materially. Meeting Stuart signified the end of the search and the beginning of a spiritual life. By following Stuartís example of living the teachings, both my inner and outer lives, as reflections of one another, began to transform radically. Today I am married, own a successful dog training business, and run a meditation center in San Francisco, which is the center of my life. Anyone who is interested in learning how to build a truly spiritual life is welcome to join me there. There is no fee for classes.

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